Thursday, April 8, 2010

sweet potato fries...

I absolutely love sweet potato fries, and order them whenever possible. I've tried on a couple of occasions to make them and they haven't turned out right. I particularly love the orange color of the ones I've eaten at the Peanut Farm and at Jack Sprat back home in AK, and wonder if this color comes from using yams instead of sweet potatoes... but then, I admittedly don't know much about yams or sweet potatoes, including the difference between them. Sadly, at the grocery store, I have to look at the signs to help me identify which is which.

The first try consisted of tossing julienned sweet potatoes (white) in olive oil and then rolling them in a mixture of ground sea salt and pepper. The taste was fine but I haven't yet found a great dipping sauce, and they got a little crispy. I don't know whether that's the fault of my ancient electric oven (a fabulous ivory color) or of the 6500 foot altitude of my house — or the combination of both, but I certainly miss sea level AND my gas oven!

Attempt number two was much the same, but I added paprika. I tried a wasabi mayo dipping sauce and a ranch dipping sauce, but not quite right. Will try Sweet Thai Chili for the next round. Fewer crispy guys this time. Have learned that I need to set the oven about 25 degrees lower and cook about 80% of the recommended time. It happens.

So, I'm still on my quest to perfect the sweet potato fries (and to make them low-sodium) — can it be done? I welcome any comments and/or suggestions.


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