Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jalapeno poppers!!!!

You may have read about my bounty of jalapenos recently. Well, until tonight, we were still picking our way through them pepper by pepper. Peppers get increasingly potent as they age... and these were about three weeks old, and WHEW! They had some kick.

With a dozen peppers left, and increasingly burned taste buds, we knew we had to come up with a use for them. And fast.

At my request, for her Try It Tuesday last week, Lindsey at Fresh Food + Fresh Air themed her blog around jalapenos. Using her recipe for inspiration, and with some (though somewhat unintentional) modifications. 

I  say we, but my husband did the dirty work.

He prepped the filling, and sliced and seeded the jalapenos.

All I did was turn on the broiler, fill the peppers, and put them in the oven.

 And eat the finished product.

Chicken and Lime filling
4 oz reduced fat cream cheese
1 12.5 oz can of chicken breast meat in water
1 lime (squeeze 1/2 lime into chicken mixture and save the other half to squeeze on finished poppers)
1 tbsp cilantro, chopped (I left this out since Ryan hates cilantro)

Creamy Salsa filling
4 oz reduced fat cream cheese
1/2 cup favorite salsa, drained
2 oz cotija cheese, crumbled (optional)

Cut jalapenos in half lengthwise and scrape out ribs and seeds with a spoon. I finished the jalapenos with a rinse to reduce the amount of heat, but you don't have to. Fill halves with prepped mixtures and arrange on a baking sheet or baking stone. Place on second to the top rack in the oven. Broil on high 10 minutes or until the tops begin to brown

Though Lindsey's recipe called for two types, we accidentally (read: exhausted and sleep-deprived) used all of the cream cheese in the first.

We had LOTS of filling.

So we did half with chicken lime filling, and then we added salsa to the other half and filled. We still have enough filling for another dozen jalapenos. Guess what we're buying this weekend!

The end result, absolutely delicious, strong, hot spicy jalapenos. Our taste buds are happy with a little fire. And we LOVE this recipe! Thank you Lindsey for your great recipe, suggestion, and inspiration!!

Thank goodness for everyone's suggestions for water, on the blog, Twitter and Facebook: citrus, cucumber, seltzers, passion fruit (thanks to Erik who is on his sailboat in the South Pacific), and many more. We had lots of water to cool off our mouths. Even my husband's suggestion of beer (which is mostly "watter", ha! he is really funny and knows what a hot button correct spelling is to me!)


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