Thursday, December 2, 2010

Friday Potluck #12 - December 3

Welcome to Friday Potluck #12!!

Thanks for joining this week! As always, I really look forward to seeing what you all bring to the potluck! :)

Last week's picks:

by Christina @ C&C Marriage Factory

This looked so good that we made a variation of it with leftover turkey and curry powder -- I'll be posting later this week -- great inspirations from Christy's blog, as always!

Cauliflower Cheese w/ Bacon & Broccoli
by April @ 21st Century Housewife

I absolutely love pasta, and I think that this dish offers some healthy flavors, and awesome taste!

Cherry Almond Chocolate Clusters
by Chaya @ Chaya's Comfy Cook Blog

Chocolate... cherries...almonds... need I say anything more?

Strawberry Vinagrette
by Miriam @ Meatless Meals for Meat Eaters

I love salads, and the first thing I thought when I saw this recipe was YUM!

Turkey & Bacon Carbonara
by Dinell @ Mommy D's Kitchen

Dinell has innovated one of my favorite leftover recipes from the week. According to my husband, everything is better with bacon. I don't know that I disagree, but I'm sure I need to do some more testing! :) This recipe offers the perfect opportunity.

Now it's time for a party!!! :)

grab the code!

The Rules:
1. Add the button above or a link back to this post/my blog in your own fabulous blog post.
2. Join the Party!!
3. Leave me a note to let me know you've entered.
4. Visit some of your fellow potluckers' posts to get inspired!
 *note -- if you forget to link back or add a button, you'll receive a gentle friendly reminder to add it in :)

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