Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A tale of confessions, pet peeves, and grand plans

This post could also be titled "Excuses," however that's not nearly as telling as my last few weeks... and not all of it has been under my control!

I've told you how amazing China was, and how much I've been enjoying soaking up the spectacular Alaskan sun (when it can be troubled to dry up all the rain), and that I've been traveling to Milwaukee. All of this is true! In fact, everything I share with you is true. :)

It's also true that I've been seriously neglecting EKat's Kitchen for various and sundry reasons. I've been diligent (with Girlichef's help) about keeping up with Friday Potluck and visiting all of your posts (with the exception of last Friday -- see "Pet Peeves" below). However, I haven't been posting my new and fabulous dishes. This is, in part due to my constant repetition of:
1. Noodles with balsamic vinegar and fresh grated Parmesan, and
2. Caesar salad

It's also due to my reticence to share with you my Kohlrabi Tempura disaster, which ended painfully. Though delicious, I only had a few bites, due to flying oil, and a run for burn ointment and band-aids. I'll leave the rest up to your imagination!

Suffice it to say that I plan to be remedying this neglect soon.

Above, I mentioned my failure to visit your Friday Potluck posts last week. I will be fixing this lapse just as soon as possible. However, this is due to a factor outside of my control - lack of Internet service.

Two or three weeks ago, I switched my phone and Internet service from a local company (GCI) to another local company (Alaska Communications or ACS)... these comprise the only two options for both services of which I'm aware. The switch was made because I need reliable service to my house -- for work, my husband's classes, and of course, for blogging... and I wasn't getting good service or customer service before.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. My Internet was down; I spent 3 hours on the phone with ACS tech support (these guys were AWESOME)... but the problem ultimately couldn't be solved. I then spent another hour on the phone with customer service looking for an alternate solution -- which was suggested... for a fee. I have a hard time paying additional money, when the original service I am paying for doesn't work. GRRR.

Instead, I ended up getting a new white and pink iPhone 4 that can serve as a wifi hot spot. I love my new phone. But I am hesitant to use the wifi feature too much for fear of a HUGE bill for my data plan. Once I have Internet back, which *might* be sometime this week/end, I'll be checking all of my FPers posts, past and present.

Moving forward, I'm very excited about new and exciting things and recipes coming my way! I'll be participating in the Cookbook Spotlight and Cook Off of the upcoming Homesick Texan cookbook by Lisa Fain, hosted at Girlichef.  I'm excited to be doing lots of cooking this fall as well. Hopefully I'll be sharing some Alaska moose recipes... AND I'm hoping to do some physical potlucks this winter with some fellow Army wives while the guys are gone.

Finally (though not final), I'm participating in a fitness challenge that I'm putting together for wives in my husband's unit to motivate us all to keep moving and to get in shape (or stay in shape ... for those who already are) while the guys are overseas. I can't wait!

Stay tuned for more!


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