Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mango Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe

Last weekend we had a party - a DIY pizza party, and I thought that it was high time to bring out the blender (or food processor as the case may be), and fix up a batch of fabulous mango daiquiris.

I learned how to make these real fruit treats from a friend earlier this year. Thank goodness for her wonderful lesson! These whole fruit daiquiris are always a huge hit.

Mango Daiquiris*

3-4 cups frozen mangoes
5-8 oz vodka
1 can frozen limeade
whipped cream to garnish (optional)

Add the vodka to the blender first (so you don't over or under pour), then add the mangoes and limeade. Fill the blender up the rest of the way with ice. Blend until smooth and pour into glasses... martini glasses, champagne glasses, margarita glasses... you name it. To start, this may be too thick to pour in, so spooning and ladling works well.

I also recommend using a straw! Everything is better with a straw.

Then of course, top off with whipped cream (which is conspicuously missing from the photo.)


* Variations:
This is good with any fruit I've tried, fresh or frozen - blackberries, strawberries, and of course mangoes. Though it's not limited to either. Frozen tends to work best because you get a more even blend, but fresh is tasty too! Also, if you prefer rum to vodka, by all means.

Also, these can be made with or without alcohol, but I adore them with the real stuff in it. However, if not adding liquor, I recommend a fruit juice of some kind to add more liquid in.

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