Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A big announcement from EKat's Kitchen.

You may have seen that I've been not-so-gently hinting that a big announcement is coming.

After coming back to blogging from an unintended sabbatical just a few weeks ago, I started reviewing what I was writing about, what I wanted to write about, and the path down which I wanted to take this project. The conclusion I came to was that I love EKat's Kitchen and all of the wonderful friends I've made in this community I've built, but that EKat's Kitchen no longer fits the brand I want it to. I found two, no make that three, options in front of me.

Option 1: Keep going with EKat's Kitchen and rework the focus... some changes with a perhaps more subtle shift
Option 2: Keep the EKat's branding and expand to an EKat's World blog with more encompassing information. This would allow me to continue building on what I already have, but allow me to immediately change focus.
Option 3: Make a big, huge, enormous switch to a brand-spanking-new blog, with a new focus, a new theme and, well, new everything.

I agonized... ok, I didn't agonize, but I did do several informal polls of friends and family.  Then one night, before I'd actually made any decisions, in a random wine-fueled stroke of brilliance, I purchased a new domain name, then a hosting package, then a wordpress theme... and, quite frankly, I was unstoppable.

Back up a step. Did you read that? A random wine-fueled stroke of brilliance. Once I had taken that leap the rest of the decision-making process was very easy. As I was trying to figure out just exactly what I wanted to do in terms of hosting, design and more, I sent many frantic emails out, (during the course of which, I'm afraid I may have pestered my friend Alea from Premeditated Leftovers more than I should have), Alea told me to go ahead and write a post titled Random Wine-Fueled Strokes of Brilliance. I want to assure you that this post is in fact coming... just a little bit more slowly than anticipated... one glass of wine at a time. I can't seem to come up with enough brilliance for an entire post worth of Brilliance.. at least not that still sounds brilliant the following day. Stay tuned.

Back to the story at hand. You may be able to see where this is going. I did, in fact, choose option 3. The past few weeks, I've been hard at work learning a new platform (WordPress self-hosted), developing the look and feel of the new blog, and in a challenging process, spending a few hours tearing my hair out migrating all of the content from EKat's Kitchen  over to the new blog. I also have built new Google+ and Facebook pages and developed all of the fabulous subscription options available!

It is with this news, that I proudly announce...

... the launch...

... of...

... Salmon at Seven.

Salmon At Seven

I'm proud to be announcing a $25 Amazon.com giveaway to celebrate my launch. Visit me over at www.SalmonAtSeven.com, pick up my button, and be sure to join my new Facebook and Google + pages. Good news, if you already follow me at Twitter, my twitter handle will be changing from @ekatskitchen to @salmonatseven, so existing Tweeps should still be following me!

 I can't wait to continue the friendships we've all begun!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A big announcement is coming

Yes! You read that right! A big announcement is coming to EKat's Kitchen. Bear with me as we go radio/Internet silent for a few days and get everything ready!

Are you at the edge of your seat?
I am!!


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