Wednesday, July 28, 2010

simple things

It's all about the simple things of late; simply spending time with my hubby and enjoying almost every minute. Going to my first rodeo - ha! now I can say that it's not my first rodeo and literally mean it. Enjoying a beer on warm summer nights outside on the front porch. Trying to sort out where we'll be living in the coming months, and whether or not we'll be staying in Colorado Springs. Having a BBQ party, cooking far too much food as usual, and enjoying leftover Chinese cabbage salad, Mom's award-winning baked beans, Klark's brats and burgers...though by the 7th day we really excited that all leftovers were GONE! It's also about realizing that we're not on deployment pay anymore and actually have to plan our purchases and our nights out. We've been looking in our fridge, freezer and cupboards a lot and saying - "Ok, what can we make with what we've got?" and more specifically, because it's been so hot "What can we grill?" Lots of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. 

However, on a recent late night run to the store for bread, the artichokes looked splendid -- huge but splendid. One of my favorite treats in the world (Doritos, yes, but not what I was going to say) is a steamed artichoke. I love them with drawn butter and with a little bit of mayo. Have always loved them, though they are simple — it's the simple things that can be the best. So we dined on absolutely delish steamed artichokes last night, and my taste buds are still happy!

I keep finding great recipes for new ways to enjoy artichokes -- including stuffing them and grilling, but the fact of the matter is I know what I like. I can still be adventurous and try new things, but lately I've noticed that once I have a favorite way to prepare food or a favorite meal at restaurants, it's hard to persuade me to cook it a different way or order a new meal. One day I may try and love grilled stuffed artichokes, but unless I'm getting the steamed variety on a regular basis, that day is probably not soon. Just like I may one day order something other than Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Chang's Spicy Chicken from PF Changs, but right now, that's my favorite -- and when I get a Chang's craving - not much else will do!


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