Thursday, April 8, 2010

the beginning...

Recently, very recently, I learned that I love to cook, not usually your normal everyday things, such as steak and potatoes, which I leave to my husband, but fun meals. Often ethnic meals. My mother-in-law told me that I like "weird food", although I'm not sure that salmon and fresh spring rolls count as "weird". I also love pasta and salt and Doritos. I don't drink a lot of soda, don't eat much fast food, and although you could say that a bag of Doritos can be my downfall, for the most part I eat mostly healthy. I do love wine, and though I occasionally have more than one or two glasses, most of the time, there's no excess.

Unfortunately, I've also recently learned that I have high blood pressure... I don't think I'm a stressed out person, but I have gained some weight since Klark and I got married and there's a family history, which are both factors, along with my love of salt. Suffice it to say, I need to cut out a lot of the sodium in my diet.

Hence, the blog.

Once or twice a week, I plan to try a new recipe or modify an old favorite that is healthy, low-sodium, and tasty (tasty is key, otherwise I'll add salt), and make enough for leftovers. This should help me shift from a diet that, up until this point, has been significantly pastatarian to something healthier. Although the CSA shares here in Colorado Springs are too large for one or two people, I'm excited to make weekly or bi-weekly trips to the farmers markets for lots of fresh local meats and produce once they open in a few months. I'll post the recipes, how they turn out, and — if you're lucky and I remember — pictures of the finished product.

*Warning* I love love love love LOVE lentils, so there will probably be lots of lentil recipes.

The experiment begins... hopefully lower blood pressure will be a result... if not fun is next most important.


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