Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Water. Not the most exciting topic, but important.

When we first moved to the very high (6300 ft) and very dry Colorado Springs, I couldn't believe how thirsty I was. All the time.

You do get used to it, but it felt like I was drinking gallons a day at first.

Then it tapered off to 1-2 water bottles a day.

I love my Camelback to pieces.

Fast forward to April 2010, when it was strongly recommended I start drinking a LOT more water every day (that's 3-5 of my Camelbaks!)

Unproven fact - but, if I start drinking water earlier, I crave more water and am thirstier all day. Is there such a thing as a water metabolism? I don't know.

I started to get tired of water.

No flavor can be good. But my taste buds crave more from time to time.

I've tried adding lemon slices. Orange slices (but could never repeat the flavor that Veda Salon achieves).

I tried those sugary propel packets from time to time... but I prefer more natural flavors.

In your quest to stay hydrated, what do you do to make your water more interesting? How do you flavor it?


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