Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Alive!!! Look at my house :)


I sit here in my living room... my almost put together living room. It's coming together... I swear! I completely spaced on Friday Potluck last week, but it will be back this week. We're starting to get into a routine.

I hate to post too many pictures until I have a true "after" ready. A few goodies though!

When we looked at the house, we thought that we didn't have much to do. We loved the paint, the carpet, the layout... etc.

And really, we didn't have that much to do. No major demo or remodeling... but as we dug in, we kept seeing some terribly painted walls... and if we paint this wall, we might as well paint that wall. And if we do that, shouldn't we paint the ceiling? And so on and so forth. The projects mushroomed and grew.

However, I told you about my fridge score.

Isn't it pretty?
I love it! A lot.

Our dining room before.

Our dining room after; 
we painted the tan wall the same color. :) And, I got a new table!!!
Amazing hubby put it together!!

 Amazing hubby also installed this bee-you-tiful light fixture. 
At least one more just like it will go in the dining room... one day.

 And our beautiful bedroom. 
Though we now have blinds up, we now have more boxes... so this picture stands. :)
But our furniture fits... as was NOT the case in the Colorado Springs dollhouse we lived in for two years.

And the guest bedroom before ... well the midpoint. 
After painting (though it doesn't look much different) and before furniture.

Here's the almost after... still need some nightstand and lamp type things.

I promise more of a tour soon. With more details... but I haven't even gotten art placed on the walls. Or all the boxes unpacked. And, I'm still getting used to the idea of having multiple closets... we only had one in the dollhouse. It's awesome!!!

Mostly, I wanted to show everyone what I've been up to! I hope that you enjoy!!! :)

I'm also linking this up with one of my favorite parties -- Inspiration Friday, now located At the Picket Fence! I urge you to check out Vanessa and Heather's blog!


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