Thursday, November 18, 2010

Friday Potluck #10

Welcome to Friday Potluck #10! 

62 of you participated last week! WHEW! AWESOME posts, guys and gals! As more and more people join in, it's harder and harder to pick just a few favorites to highlight, but it's so much fun. Good thing though, that I can't consume calories simply with my eyes! :) 

As many of you know (and have entered!) I'm hosting a CSN Giveaway this week. I'd love it if you entered. Click here to open the giveaway up in a new page and enter to win $35. to spend in CSN stores!

Friday Potluck Daily
I've created an @list on Twitter with all of the Friday Potluck participants. All of their tweets with links are compiled into The Friday Potluck Daily a daily online "paper" where you can see what everyone's talking about. To subscribe, click here and then click subscribe. It's a lot of fun! If you want your tweets and links to be listed, just leave me a comment with your Twitter handle (mine's @ekatskitchen).

Highlights from last week

by Krystal @ Recipes of a Cheapskate

Other than these wonderful bite sized tacos, check out the cheese truffles. AAAAHHHHmazing. Krystal also hosts Saturdays Party - check it out!

by Trina @ Trina of the Beans

I adore lentils, and had never before considered using them in tacos. How yummy! I've never seen one of Trina's recipes that I don't absolutely adore.

by Susannah @ Susannah's Kitchen

I fell in love with these minis, but her full sized cheesecake also looks to-die-for.

by Louanne @ Louanne's Kitchen

It shouldn't be a surprise to any of you that I love Indian food. Chicken Tikka is one of my all time favorites, and I love that she's made it and brought it to the party!

by Shannon @ North Dakota Kitchen

My mouth starts watering everytime I think about this. Shannon's made my favorite dessert ever, and she's done it with pumpkin!!! 

Now on to the PARTY!!!

grab the code!

The Rules:
1. Add the button above or a link back to this post/my blog in your own fabulous blog post.
2. Join the Party!!
3. Leave me a note to let me know you've entered.
4. Visit some of your fellow potluckers' posts to get inspired!
 *note -- if you forget to link back or add a button, you'll receive a gentle friendly reminder to add it in :)

AND, if you want to join in Friday-Potluck Daily, please let me know your Twitter handle. I'll follow you (you can follow me @ekatskitchen). To subscribe to the paper click here and then click subscribe!

This linky list is now closed.


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