Monday, November 8, 2010

Homemade Chili Powder

Achoo! haaaaCHOOO!

Sneezes rang through our house today.

Yes, today we took our air-dried chili peppers and made our own homemade chili powder spice. 

I will miss Colorado's dry air for the ease at which I can dry just about anything -- basil, cilantro, peppers... and more.

About a month ago, maybe two, we purchased this gorgeous bunch of peppers from the Farmers Market. Gorgeous. But we had no idea what to do with them, so we hung them in our kitchen, where they slowly, but surely dried out. I thought about making a pepper vinegar a la Heather @ Gourmet Meals for Less. But the peppers continued to hang in the kitchen.

Today, I was looking up at them and thought they looked so sad. They really wanted to be eaten. Somehow.

So, K and I decided that it was time to grind them up and make them into a lovely chili powder.

For use seasoning pizzas, steaks, soups, wings... for whatever you please.

This is what they looked like all dried out. Before getting chopped (cue witchy laugh).

We pulled them from the vine and placed them in our mini food processor. So pretty.

So mini though, that it required two batches.

Carefully, and using a funnel, we then poured into these cute little spice jars I got from Bed Bath & Beyond. I made the labels and printed out. The front one got used by someone with greasy fingers before I could take a picture. Oh well.

I must caution you... because this stuff is dried, once it's been ground up, it tends to go airborne. I got some in my nose and couldn't stop sneezing... poor K got some in his eyes. The good news is that though it's super potent, because it's powdered it rinses right off.

Unlike jalapeno pepper burn -- where the oil seeps into your skin and the only cure is baking soda paste + aloe + time. Not that we've ever experienced this in our house. Ha!

I love our little pepper flakes and we're planning to use an inaugural taste on our buffalo steaks tonight!

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