Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Name That Squash!

Hello to my wonderful blogland friends. 

I need your help today!!

We purchased this lovely squash from our Farmer's Market, but never got the name! I'm planning to turn it into pies and then post about it, but I hate to post with "Mystery Squash Pie" as the title. It just doesn't have the right ring to it...

That is where YOU come in.
No lovely prizes for helping me figure out what this squash is, but I AM planning a giveaway next week from CSN! So stay tuned for Monday's post!

Clues from our friendly farmer:
1. This is a New England variety.
2. It has a similar taste to butternut, but is slightly sweeter.
3. It is NOT a pumpkin.
4. It's kind of speckled and a pale orange-y color.

That's all I've got!

Let me know what you think it might be. Also feel free to venture a guess at how many pies this puppy will make.

Having NEVER made pumpkin pie before, I have no clue... nor do I have any idea how this experiment will turn out. 

It's all a mystery (cue spooky music)!

and receive my eternal gratitude :)


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